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There is a fact that women test men to find out men’s potentials and limitations. Basically, women push men’s buttons to see how they react. It is because women want to know if their potential partner has the quality to be “the real men of their dreams”. The men’s job is simply to pass her tests.

One of the most common tests that women use is called the “running hot and cold” test. This is where women can suddenly change their attitude towards men, sometimes during the same evening. For example, she can be all flirty and sexy for a while, then suddenly transforms like a cold fish. You must learn to notice these situations and to be consistent with your attention. In fact, you can see that she will give you some tests in order to check out how you react to her behavior. She will see and feel your change in tone, mode and body language. Many guys are able to stay cold in response to her coldness, or they are going to have even stronger hoping to warm her up. But these to states are not your real states. They are only your response. It communicates that your own state dependents by others but not by yourself.

But what could these guys really do in such situations?

Guys have to keep treating her the same. They must be able to act that they don’t see any change at all, and they are really in control. Don’t act like you’re ignoring her, but act like her attitude is not going to impact yours. Relax, enjoy yourself, lean back and breathe. You must realize that her sudden change of attitude is not your fault. She will subconsciously test her hold on you. This is when you must be the most consistent with your attention. What she’s looking for is your reaction to her, which tells her that you are easily manipulated by her mood or behavior.

Actually, the time that you can do the opposite and be adventurous is when she is being consistent and logical. That’s when you should be inconsistent… just a little. This might have the same affect on her behavior that it might have on your own. It’s like revoking approval, and she can try to get it back. However, reward her when she gives you the right attitude.

And the most important of the story are:

First, when she’s most inconsistent in her mood, you must be consistent with your treatment. You must be unflappable, stay calm, keep up the same attitude and do not acknowledge her change. In addition, you can put her in her place when she is obviously disrespectful. You should do this even if it means you blowing her out of your reality.

Second, when she’s most consistent in her mood, you must be inconsistent with your treatment, just so that she’s not sure where she stands with you. Do not be psychotic or act like a ”idiot”, going from one extreme to the other, but don’t be afraid to ignore her a little and be aloof or cold when it’s necessary.