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Women test men due to different reasons. But why do girls do this? The simple answer is that women test men because they have to! Tests are usually in form of asking questions and looking for a man’s reaction. She might give a snappy comment questioning, whether he is a player or she might simply ask him to do something to “prove” himself to her. So, women test men to see how far women can push these guys. Women test also to see how insecure and desperate for sex men are, and eventually to find how much controllable guys might be.

Women are not deliberately trying to be a difficult, manipulative, deceptive or bitches. These tests are their way to express their feelings of vulnerability and possibility to show potential attraction towards men. Woman could unconsciously use ‘tests’ as a way of seeing if men can handle her ‘shit’ when she cannot take it anymore. It stems from a subconscious desire to have a strong, masculine presence in her life.

Women test men because girls need to see how strong reality these men have. Could she trust him? Maybe he should be the special one? She wants to see if he will stick around when she needs help. It’s a basic instinct from the ancient times. Then, a woman depended on her man when she got pregnant and was not able to find food or defend herself and survive her baby. That is why she needs to make a steady man who sticks around after and during the pregnancy.

Does this correct for today’s women? Not for sure. The system of life is now changed. Today women take care of themselves. They are more independent than in the past. But they have such basic ancient needs too. They want security, love and attention. They need a man. But they don’t need any man. They need a man who is capable to satisfy their needs. So, their tests are short cut to quickly find out her man.

Most women, especially those who are being approached all the time have their ways to observe men’s character by testing certain aspects of men’s behavior. Some research show that an attractive woman who has a normal social life and lives in a big city, since the age of 14 has been hit on by guys 30 times on average per day. That means around 10.950 guys every single year and a total of around 76.650 by the time she reaches 21. It means that these girls have an insane amount of social awareness that many men don’t even know.

A well-known fact is that women have a specific “anti-slut” defense mechanism. Do you know that the most common piece of advice that women give each other is: “Don’t make yourself too available?” One of the greatest fears women have is that they will give their heart to guys too easily and too faster. Women confuse men, feign disinterest and act evasive at times to communicate to men that they cannot be taken for granted.

Actually, women are attracted to men who are a challenge and are disinterested in men who are very needy. Women are attracted to men whose attention they cannot take for granted. This men’s behavior makes a man different from the rest of her needy admirers who flatter her incessantly. Women sometimes test men to find out what group these men fits in. If a woman cancels on a man, and she likes him, she may tell him that she will call him and make it up to him. The  basic idea is that needy guys are insecure and need assurance. So, these men call pretty soon. The average guy calls after some days, he’s neither here, nor there. The real man doesn’t call until he hears from her because he is patient, secure, has his own life, and knows that the ball is in her court.

Some women are addicted to attention. They like when men boost their women’s ego. There are situations where a woman plays head games with a man to keep him chasing her. Women know the age-old trick of changing the amounts of attention that men is given. What she will do is to pretend that she likes a guy only as a friend. Then, flirt with him. She will give a guy a friendly, flirty greeting one day, and then give him a slight nod the next. This drives the average guy crazy, causing him to chase her. When a woman acts friendly, then cool, the guy thinks that he might be losing her, so he tries to keep her by being extra nice, and paying more attention to her. It doesn’t mean that she is a bitch. It’s just how some women are, because of men’s behavior. Therefore, it’s the men’s responsibility to not fall into these unpleasant situations.

Women are not trying to give men a tough time. Women test men because they looking for the right man who is strong enough to pass her “testing” and allows her to feel like a woman.