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7 rules for success in life? Are there only 7 rules in order to be successful in life? No, there many rules and possibilities in our life and people can use the rules which help them best. But I think these 7 rules are basic and could be something to build on. Here they are:

1. Stop communicating with people who try to reduce your confidence!

There are some people who try to take our energy, because they need it. In fact, it’s cool to help a friend, but if this friend only disturbs us and tries to take more and more of us, there is time to say – stop, no more!

Another “dangerous” people might be very nice at first sight, but after time, they are able to change the masks and become more aggressive, manipulative and cynical.  Some of them change their inner personality, when they feel safe and begin with unfavorable comments and/or negative criticisms.

Another category people are those who choose to ignore change even when they are facing adverse circumstances. They avoid change out of fear that it will worsen their situation. Their pessimism, conservatism and lack of flexibility are inevitable given because they often suffer from poor self-esteem. They usually try to infect others with their “sickness”. Go away from these people!

2. Stop living in the past!

It’s great to think about previous moments and some people like living in their conclusions about the past. If the set of their conclusions identifies that the past they experienced was good, then the present features them to be as the part of a “happy people”. They refuse to take anything too seriously, because they know that nothing has anything to do with them. In fact, they live closer to the truth than those who live in the negative past. These with negative experience might run around insisting the sky is falling down. Their live has been damage, sorrow and permanent problems. When we are able to reconnect with whom we are and what is our mission, we should identify the degree of “the bad past”.

3. Stop trying to control everything and everyone.

Often, we try to control things and/or others because we have some expectancies about things and people. It’s a good idea to have expectancies, but what if our plans and expectancies fail? These possibilities of fail could be obstacle and make us prone to experience more stress. Need to control is also a result of being attached a plan that we think is best for us and for others, but it is quite sure that we only can control ourselves. When we trust that we are ok and everything is ok no matter circumstances, then our inner control will make us stay calm. We don’t need to feel fear because we already know that we are able to control only our actions.

4. Take reasonable risks! It is better to try to fail than never to have tried and always wonder.

Life is full of opportunities. Whether people are open to take their chances or “close their eyes” for a new opportunities, it all depends on the point of view. One of the most powerful reasons that stop guys moving forward on their goals is the fear of failure. They are afraid of what other people might say or think if they do not achieve their plans. But it’s a wrong way of thinking, because then they follow other expectations, not their personally.

In addition, it’s a well – known fact that the most successful people on the planet have experienced far more failures than those who are not successful. In fact, the most successful people get knocked down more than once, but they don’t give up. They keep moving forward. Some people say that failure is our best teacher. It won’t kill us, it will only make us stronger and more experienced. Even if we fail, we know that we gave it our best and do not have to regret of not having tried at all.

5. Learn to say “No”!

Some people have the difficulty to say NO. There are some situation when to say No, could be a significant cause of stress. Undesirable situations in life are often results of failing to listen to the inner feelings and thoughts. These results might lead us getting involved in something that we really don’t want. So, if we don’t learn to say No, our stress levels might rise, because of our inner conflict. It is up for us to be strong and communicate how we really feel and what we actually are capable of.

6. Stop eating junk food, go regularly training and getting enough sleep!

The sentence – strong mind in a strong body is not a myth. Our mind can make the difference between succeeding and failing at your goal. When we eat healthy foods, train regularly and sleep enough, then we challenging ourselves to choose the better life. Cleaning your house vigorously, dusting your shelves, cleaning your toilets, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, and cleaning the garage definitely give us not only a good workout, but it makes us more responsible and keeps us in shape. Any physical activity that takes a bit of effort will help us get fit. However, our body needs to get comfortable activities that are in balance with our shape and potential at the moment.

When we become more active, we will need more healthy food that will give us enough energy to start the next phase of our day. We need fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and soups. We also need water. Water, is one of the best cure of cravings. When we are giving our body in a good shape, then we also need to let it recover and renew by getting a sufficient amount of sleep in order to feel refreshed in the morning. So, we need to have regime for wake up and go to bed at the same on a daily basis.

7. Stop complaining and stop judging! Each has its own history, truth and the way of thinking.

It’s not a good idea to complain. Ancient people said that everything has to sides. It’s up to us to choose which one to use. There are many things that can only be accepted if we have common sence to accept. Just accept everything! When you change the way you think, you can change everything. Ignore your negative thoughts and just stop to complain and judge others. Yes, it could be difficult process, but if you want to change the world, you must be able to change yourself, at first. Hope these 7 rules for success in life could help you to make it!