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Nonverbal communication is a process of speechless communication through body signals. Nonverbal communication has an important place in our human relationships. In fact, people have little in terms of verbal communication. Science has discovered that a majority of our communication demonstrates due to body language and intonation, and around 93 percent of our communication is nonverbal.

Body language is not easy to fake. If you are not aware of what does it all mean, then you should let your communication with others down. For example, you cannot verbally communicate one thing to other guys if your body language is giving a totally different impression. It’s because your body signals play kan detect that you aren’t genuine trying to hide something.

Women have naturally a good sense to read body language, on an unconscious level. Therefore, guys need to show high status body language in order to have more success with women. A high status can be achieved when one notice and follow the people who er confident in their communications.

These people use contact to show appreciation. They do not need to use a protective posture. They grip the other person’s hand firmly, confidently, and enthusiastically. They are smiling and have a good eye contact because they are open – minded, relaxed and kind – hearted. 

Right eye contact shows confidence and status. One example for this is when you use to making lengthy eye contact with people and do not let that natural reaction to look away take over. Looking between her eyes is a social stare and is most useful. Looking at her lips is an intimate stare. Making “a triangle” from her eyes to the lips will show attraction. Looking a woman up and down can be powerful if it uses at the right time. Looking her up and down initially will communicate interest and may make her feel uncomfortable. Men make sure that their eyes are not darting from place to place. Fast eye movements give the impression that they are nervous and insecure.

Guys can also learn the concept of “leaning”. Leaning is when either party moves closer to the other. “Leaning in” demonstrates interest and “leaning away” demonstrates confidence and disinterest. Initially, guys need to “lean back”, then as they get to know her better, “lean in” but only after she does.

Other useful body technique is “mirroring”. Mirroring is when people mirror each other’s actions. When guys do it properly, they could build a good quality of comfort with the other person.

Guys should pay attention to the way they walk. Therefore, if they want to show confidence with body language, they might take relatively large steps. Wide steps make people seem purposeful and suggest a personal tranquility. In other words, guys who move slowly indicate confidence and demonstrate that they are not afraid of the environment.

Do not afraid to take up space. Taking up a good amount of space demonstrates high value. Your back should be aligned properly. It can be done when you stand up straight. However, slouching will display that you do not want to be noticed and have a low confidence as well. Raise your chest will help you taking up more space.

Relax your shoulders will make you looking more relaxed. However, raising your shoulders indicate tension and aggression. Keep your feet spread at a shoulders distance apart.

Keep your hands out of your pockets and hang them loosely at your sides. You can definitely talk with your hands, but keep your gesticulations under control. Avoid hiding your hands stuffed down your trouser pockets. There is a fact that some guys tend to hide their hands when they are nervous. It’s a good idea to display your palms to show that you are not a threat. Also, should eliminate nervous ticks with your hands, legs and face that display you are nervous.

Your neck is the weakest and most vital point and you must be able to pay attention on this part of your body. So, raise your chin and your eyes to be horizontal and not pointing towards the ground. If you displaying them confidently, you should be able to indicate that you are a high status person.

The intonation has also great importance. Men’s voice is a powerful tool. Men who are naturally good with women have a confident and clear voice. Their voice comes from the chest and gives them a deeper tone. They know how to use their intonation and show the right emotion and enthusiasm which can boost women’s curiosity about their personality.

You should learn how to talk slowly, but more importantly, how to use your tonality, how to regulate your volume, how to take pauses, and make your dialect more interesting. Strong and balanced tone indicates that you are not afraid to talk with other people. You should also remove any stutters, ‘ums’ or ‘errs’, which show lack of confidence and anxiety.

Nonverbal communication can be your “powerful weapon” for successful flirt only if you are able to use it properly. Women give constantly body language signals and they like when men interpret these nonverbal signals correctly.

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