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Women’s indicators of interest are both verbal and nonverbal. They display a women’s range of attraction. These indicators of interest are described short as IOI’s.

They are many signals girls send both consciously and unconsciously. These indicators tell that this girl likes you, whether the girl is touching your body or she is outright telling that she wants to go home with you.

Most women flirt in a subtle way. She should ask you questions about yourself, maybe give you digs like “oh you’re a player”, want to show you something or just stay “dangerously” close around you. Also, a woman can start to express herself to you, slipping in facts about why she is great or what she has accomplished.

Let’s begin with non-verbal signs:

nonverbal communication

1) She stands close to you, or lurks around you.

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As guys, we tend to choose to stay near good-looking girls, right? Girls will also often lurk near the guys they like in social settings. The closer she allows herself to get to you, the more she is attracted to you.  In fact, women should often stand with their backs to you, because it allows them being even closer. She tries to improve her posture, thrusts her chest forward, leans towards you, or enters your personal space.

2) Girls might expose more skin while you are around.

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A woman sits up straight to emphasis her breasts and crosses her legs or ankles to show them to her best advantage. She may tilt her head and hips to expose her neck. When girls expose their neck, it is their way of feminizing themselves and making themselves more vulnerable to create that polarity.

3) A woman who attractes to a man may unconsciously touches herself.

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Women will find opportunity to start some form of touch either ‘accidental’ or otherwise. Girl may stroke her hair, touch her hands, knees or even a man. She puts her ornamental body parts on display. She touches your hands or any other part of your body, uses her hand to draw attention to any part of her body. She is making herself pretty for you, so escalate things and pull the trigger!

4) Girl’s body is oriented to you, despite other people being around.

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Her feet are pointed right at you, her body language to you is open (shoulder’s back, arms uncrossed). A woman does not have her arms crossed and may expose her wrists (a submissive action). She may display wet lips with her mouth slightly open, often called pouting and her wrists may be limp. Her pupils enlarge and her breath could be shorter.

5) A woman mirrors you.

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It’s a well-known fact that when people are interested or infatuated with each other, they begin to pick up certain traits from the other people. For example, if a woman mimics your mannerisms, she likes you. But when you find a woman subconsciously mirroring your posture (holding her arms in the same way, making similar gestures, or drinking when you drink), it’s a strong sign girl is feeling powerful emotions towards you.

6) A woman holds eye contact

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A girl holds eye contact with a soft smile, breaks brief eye contact by looking down or maintains eye contact after a transaction. You can try to look into woman eyes directly as she hands you your change.  Many woman won’t reciprocate eye contact. However, there will be a beautiful moment where when girl does look back at you, you can feel if she is attracted to you or not.

Often, a woman shows interest when she makes direct eye contact. She could make eye contact for around three to five seconds with her desired target. She holds his sight longer as usual. Then she will turn away and then may repeat this process again a couple of times. If a woman sees your face and likes what she sees, she will generally do the body scan. A girl will start at your feet and work her way up to your face.

More often than direct eye contact, you will notice her checking out your face. She looks at you or especially your lips and does not look past you or away from you. See if she is looking back and forth from your eyes to your mouth.

7) The Smile  

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Women should give the men a fleeting smile to indicate their interest. However, many men do not respond effectively to these signals. They try to impress that they are not interested. Women’s most powerful signal is when they laugh at all of your jokes even the unfunny ones. Make sure you smile back, but make it a sexy smirk out of the corner of your mouth, rather than a toothy grin.

First, it should convey that you are friendly. Second, your behavior should be charged with sexual energy. She will feel it.  If she is close to you, approach her as soon as you can.  If she is across the room, go to her in the next couple of minutes.

Verbal signs:

8) A woman forces/continues rapport. She asks a lot of questions / initiates conversation when you stop talking.

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Girls will shout “teach me”, “can you do it for me” or “OMG I want to do that”, to your boring interests. She will also agree with most of what you say, and the most important, she will try to continue rapport. If it comes up that you like something, she mentions that she likes it too or needs someone to show her how.

It could be a good sign that she wants to know more about you. It is her way of going through the awkward social pleasantries.  If she asks your name, your age early in the conversation or gives you compliments, this is usually a sign she’s interested on you.

9) If a girl accuses you of being a player. 

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She is attracted to the image you are portraying. Never deny it, but instead put the pressure back on her by asking her to describe what a player looks like. You can continue to have fun with that!

10) A woman mentions your girlfriend, even though you have not disclosed that you have one. 

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This is quite common, and their way of forcing you to state your relationship status without actually having to ask. It could keep them guessing.

There are many other signals as well. You should be aware to notice if your presence has created an emotional impact into a woman and look out for other significant changes in her behavior as she first notices you. Most men fail to see this process from a woman’s prospective and miss out opportunity.

Not all women will feel confident enough to give a second look or smile. Therefore, the golden rule is to stop over-analyzing and just to get chatting to them. You should think that every girl at this planet wants to talk to you and all people are welcome in your presence. You should never wait for a signal. If you notice some positive signs, act quickly, as the door has been opened for you. Take actions, be responsible, be persistent and don’t give up even when you make mistakes when you see women. Time and experience from different approaches will give you the best knowledge. Be careful when you search for women’s indicators of interest. Use your intuition and try to give your best, always!