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There are more than 10 mistakes men make with women. Here, I will introduce some typical men’s mistakes.

1. Being nervous, reactive and anxious

If you are nervous around women, you should probably relay this emotion to them. Women will begin to feel nervous and your chances for some positive decrease dramatically. Nervous ticks, aggressive behavior and reactive mood show that you are out of control. What can you do if you have that kind behavior? Try to relax. Think about nice things. Lean back, get comfortable and use relaxed body language. If you do these things, your mind would also stay in a relaxing mode.

2. Hide your real intentions in the situations when you need to act directly

Some guys have a fear that a woman could find out their interest in her. Their intentions often are indecisive and immaturity. They usually don’t know how to take responsibility for their actions. But what they really need to learn? I think that they need being more direct and clear, open and honest in their interactions. They should learn how to act with more confidence. For example, to tell the girl why they are there. They cannot always stay in the conversations such as – “Girls what do you think of … “. At some point they have to act directly. However, it takes some time to go somewhere and begin the conversation directly. Remember that women attracts by confident men who know what they want and how to take it.

3. Ask too many questions

This is such a common error. It’s not a problem to ask questions, however. It’s a problem when you ask too many questions and you begin to look like as a polity officer. Ask an open-ended questions. You can use mix questions with stories and routines. Storytelling is very important. Therefore, learn and improve your storytelling skills spontaneously and tell the story of your life.

4. Try to impress women 

Some guys think that they need to have much money, cars or anything else to impress girls. They think that their personality is not enough to make a good impression. Yes, many women like money, power and material things. But first of all they like mens personally. It’s not a question of material things, but some important skills and personality traits like confidence, selfrespect and kommunikasjon. When you choose to impress others, you search for approval. It’s not a sexy. The basic idea guys can choose is: “I have too much choices, so I am not interested to impress others.”

5. Have fear to approach (approach anxiety)

Approach anxiety is a process when men have fear to approach women. This fear stops men talking to women by filling males mind with excuses, extreme levels of fear and pointless chatter. The more excited women are, the more men tries to hide it. Approach anxiety derives from insecurities, false beliefs and assumptions. Some false beliefs are that girls think about sex as less than men do or if women look at you, she has interest for more. However, most girls will not even look at men, even if they find them attractive. But the biggest thing they do is to dress sexy and look hot.

6. Wait for her to make a move. Wait too long to make a move

This could lead to “Let’s just be friends” because you waited too long to make a move. If you wait too long attraction and sexual choices will disappear and you will stay good, kind friend in her mind. You should keep in mind and always escalate when you feel more than two indicators of interest. It is better to try, than to do nothing and be recorded as a friend. Just go out on the field and play the game.

7. Talk too fast or be too quiet

A lot of guys talk too fast because they want to hide their insecurities. Some guys think that it is important to say as many things in a short time. But when people talk fast, it usually seems as they’re hiding something.

What can you do? First, cut the speed of all your movements. Then do the same with words. Say more with less. And talk like that all day, not just with women. You will find that the slower you move, the more relaxed you will feel. In fact, when you slow your speech a little beat, you look more attractive. So, start working on it from outside and will change from within. Remember if you make a good first impression like a cool guy, the girls will be more interested in you.

8. Be needy

Neediness is a state of mind when you think that you need something or/and someone very much. It’s no healthy and no sexy as well. It could be due to you have worried too much about a particular girl or/and you have not enough choices in your life. In this mood the more you want her, the less she should want you. So, start seeing a lot of girls. You should act like you have a lot of everything. Make her feel that you have options, even though you don’t have any at the moment. Remember that many women like guys who are pre-selected by other girls / have other options in life, but they do not like men who are lonely and desperate.

9. Be too predictable

It’s a good idea of being predictable in some areas of life just like job, family or in the friendships. However, it could be a setback when it comes to flirt with women. They don’t want a boring life, so it will stick to men who push things beyond their normal limits. To become unpredictable, stop doing what you always do. Try something new, do things you’ve never done before.

10. Be too nice 

There is nothing wrong with nice and polite. But there is a difference between being nice due to your generosity or being nice just because you are self-interested and expect something in return. Some guys seduce women by being too nice and available. He compliments women constantly and do not view girls objectively with their strengths and weaknesses. They often have no opinion and they view women as the only possible source of happiness in their live. Don’t being too nice and looking for approval. Have your own meaning and stay cool.

There are a lot of unhealthy behaviours and mistakes that hold guys back in relationships with women. Part of being successful with women is accepting that you are not perfect. But there is also important to find your problem areas and have the courage to fix it. If you can overcome your weakness, then you will experience a dramatic growth in your life. Ultimately, coping with your unhealthy behaviors will help you to transform yourself into man who can naturally attract women.