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Some authors define charisma as the ability to attract, charm, and influence other people. Charisma personally can be used for both great and bad causes. It’s often said that charisma is a mysterious ineffable quality some people have. But is there something really special with these people? And how they influence other people? 

Charisma is not about how you look or how much money you have.  It’s a result of interpersonal skills. Such skills can be learned and developed. Becoming charismatic involves paying careful attention to how one interacts with other people. Charismatic people use their skills to get people on their side, perhaps from a professional, ideological or social point of view. They are usually good at initiating conversation. Their intelligence and general knowledge about many areas of life make them capable to communicate easily and effectively with almost everyone. They have intellectual capacity to explain complicate things in an understandable way. Many charismatic people are experts in some specific area. Personal charisma can open many doors in life. In reality, anyone can be more charismatic. It can be done if we follow some traits, such as:

Enough confidence

Charisma is not the same like confidence. But when you look more confident, that could make you more charismatic. It’s because your confidence will put others at ease and inspire faith in your abilities. When others see you as a confident, they should naturally want to be around you. The art to appear confident and/or optimism includes the ability to be good at showing true emotions. Confident people speak with a mood that they need to say something important with the right conviction, using appropriate intonation in order to emphasize the most important words and making speech interesting.

If you want to appear confident, you should have to understand yourself first. You should be able to love who you are, what you do. I’m talking about inner and deeper awareness and acceptance. You should think that you deserve only the best. I’m talking about to have standards and requirements about you and other people in your life.

Positive outlook

Charismatic people have the ability to stay optimistic and positive. They don’t start a conversation by criticizing anyone or anything and are able to see the best in everything. They are diplomats and focus on the things which should be done better. They have the capacity to encourage other guys, motivate them and give them faith and power. These people are generally cheerful because they love themselves and the whole world as well.

The right body language

Charismatic people stand tall. When they walk, they do this with calmly and determined steps. These people usually have the right “straight up” body-posture. However, there are some exceptions of body-posture. They are open and ready to grab their opportunities for new acquaintances. Many of them have a firm handshake and look the other people in the eye.

If you want to be charismatic, you need to read and pay more attention about body languagethe signals of interest and what the others do when they are anxious, happy or just neutral. Then, it’s time to observe people’s body talk in the real situations. When you talk with other guys, for example. What they do? Is there something unusual? Are others shy or just not interested? Observe your own body reaction when you talk to someone or when you interact with bunch of people.

You can use the mirror in order to see your reactions. Have you a good eye contact? What do you do with your hands and legs when you talk or just seat? Do you express the right emotions? Do you like your body and face? If you do these mirror exercises regularly, then you would increase your skills and at the same time learn how to control yourself. Beware of your legs and arms, and keep your hands away from your face. Your look should be without signs of stress and your state should be relaxed. Learning how to express different kind of emotions will help you to be more open and cool. Smile took a great place in this combination. The real smile reveals kind-hearted personality. In addition, smile is the universal language of friendliness and warm attitude.

Popularity and making the other feel special

Charismatic people are eloquent storytellers who are able to keep other people attentive and focused.  They usually like to communicate with passion and enthusiasm. Their attitude gives them ability to be more persuasive and influential. They are able to be clear, serious and at the same time charming and humorous.  They have a natural sense how to talk to anyone about any topic, and be a good to listen to what others have to say. Charismatic people like to see different points of view in order to clarify their position accordingly. They can feel empathy towards others and know that people should be treated with respect and tolerance. Charismatic people tend to be interesting and popular, because they have the ability (sometimes intuitively) to pay attention to the details. They can charm and make other people feel like the most important people in the world. They are tolerant and accept everyone and expect the same from others. They have their own limits and don’t allow a second class behavior.

Show a genuine interest in other’s life

Without being cheeky, they ask some questions about other lives, opinions, hopes on certain matters, making them feel that what they have done really matters. Charismatic people show full attention and commitment listen attentively when the other speak, nod in agreement, make brief interjections, like “Yes,” or “OK” to assure the other that they are interested in communication. They use their body language in order to sub-communicate interest, remember person’s name and use it.

Use carefully a compliments

There’s nothing wrong for them to make compliments when they notice something which deserves to be appreciated. But they think about situations, amounts and what compliments are really needed. They also accept graciously when the other gives them sincere compliments.

Charming, cheerful and responsible

Charismatic people are able to make people laugh using their natural power to say funny stories. They have some “an inner dynamo” and motivation which give them inspirations and enthusiasm to engage other people staying magically devoted.

Honest and genuine

Charismatic people know how to communicate honestly and help people open up. They don’t hide their thoughts and feelings, and don’t be afraid to feel and communicate different kinds of emotions in an appropriate manner. Actually, people who are generally believed to be charismatic are able to be empathic.

Laugh at yourself

Charismatic people enjoy speaking by a variety of themes. They accept self-irony and are able to laugh at themself. They are able to joke with everyone. They like reading book, newspapers, watching the news and having a variety of hobbies and interests, such as foreign languages, arts etc. So, they can discuss these topics. They think and make every single word count, because they know that the less you talk, the more your words would be valuable.