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Our way of thinking defines our beliefs and values. Some of them can help us to live easy and happy life. Others are causing a lot of stress, pain and suffering. In this article, I will pay attention to those faulty believes that hinder us to be happy. I called them mistakes, but they could be with positive meaning if we recognize them and do not incorporate it in our behaviour.

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Do you wanna be right about everything?

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It’s great when we have a personal opinion. However, it could be a problem when we always enforce your point of view and at the same time constantly object other opinions. Whenever you feel the desire to judge who is right and who is wrong, ask yourself: “Do I want to be right or do I want to be cool?” Think about the way and try to reduce your ego. Change the desire to blame people for what you have or do not have and for things you feel or do not feel. Stop complaining about people and events that make you unhappy, sad and depressed.  Don’t criticize people who are different from you. We are different, but everyone wants to be happy, loved /loving, and understood. Admit everything and everyone just for what they are and you will notice how better you will feel. Stop wasting your energy about things beyond your control and try to take responsibility for your own life!

Do you have defeatist behavior?

There are people who harm themselves by negative and constantly repeated defeatist thoughts. Some of them give up immediately when they receive a knock. Their mind falls down, because they think that they don’t deserve anything and anyone. If you have that behavior, you need to fix it.

First, try to observe all the negative thoughts you have. Pay attention to your fears. Fears are an illusion. They do not really exist. It’s only in your mind. Work on your self-confidence and self-esteem and don’t act like you seek for approval and attention. Be optimistic and know that you deserve only the best in your life. No more fears and excuses!

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Do you have limited beliefs?

Stop putting the events or people you do not understand with the label, “strange” or “weird”. The highest form of ignorance is to reject something you have not enough information about. Limited beliefs make people staying skeptical about possibility to learn or do something new. They usually deny things that are beyond their expectations.

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Because of their conservatism, they often miss wonderful opportunities to make new friends, to find a better job and a better place to live on etc. If you need to overcome your limits, you might be able to open your mind and feel that change and variety is a marvelous thing as well. Change and variety will allow you to improve your experience and bring you great moments in your life. From now on, accept everything! When you believe and work hard, the world should help you too.

Do you live your life according to others expectations?

Stop pretending being someone you’re not. Things don’t work that way. The moment you start being yourself, people would appreciate your personality. If you have your own passions and expectations, follow them! 

Many people live according to the ideas of their parents, teachers, friends, enemies, governments, and the media. These people are so busy pleasing others wishes and dreams, so they miss their own personality. They forget about what makes them happy, what they really want, and finally even forget themselves.

It’s nothing wrong to hear other advice, but it’s better to hear your inner voice too. What do you want at the moment: to study, to pursuit as a career, to eat etc. You have to live your own path. Live in the present and enjoy your trip. If you do some of these mistakes – don’t worry! Just relax and correct it. Life is a journey, not a direction. Get a clear mental image of your successful future. Then, take action! Whatever you can in order to reach your goals.

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