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Some psychological theories and evidences stress on the impact of both positive and negative attitude. Positive thinking has a crucial role in life. Our positive attitudes and beliefs in success could improve our chances for better life. However, negative thoughts could make us unhappy and unsatisfied. Negative thoughts seem to be particularly exhausting and blocking our human nature. It’s because we have the potential to transform ourselves and modify our mind by changing our negative thoughts in order to reenact things we think are negative. But this change could be successful only when we are be able to recognize and prevent negative emotions at the beginning.

Let’s look how our brain is created for reality and all around us. In fact, we humans have around 60,000 thoughts per day. But the most of 98 percent of these thoughts are exactly the same as we had the day before. And around 60 to 80 percent of these thoughts are negative.

But what does it need to be changed in order to change negative thinking with more optimistic outlook? 

There er some methods and strategies which should help us to maintain our positive views:

Plan your days.

Make a list of what you should do during the day. When you write to do list, you would be more motivated to think positive and achieve your plans as well. Then, get ready for action and just do it. Once you start, it is much easier to finish and to feel satisfied at the end of the day. Make an effective plan and follow it!

Invest time to observe your behavior.

If you realize what scares you and work to deal with your negative emotions, then you might feel much better. People usually feel a lot of frustration because of fears deep inside them. Perhaps, one of the biggest fears is to miss something/someone. Sometimes, people are prone to pay more attention and focus on what others think to what others think about them. But such kind behavior establishes the model of ego and false confidence. False confidence usually is dangerous, because it makes people more unrealistic about their skills and abilities.

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Think optimistically.

You cannot change people, but you can change yourself. Think optimistically and repeat positive statements in your mind. When you begin to repeat positive words, try these words come out automatically. You need to repeat them in your unconscious mind in order to create strong inner beliefs. If you keep telling yourself that “I am capable, I am responsible, I am valuable etc.”, you could stimulate your inner conscious that will cause to match these statements with outer reality. If you believe that everything is possible and everybody / everything would help you to improve yourself and make you better, you will overcome all the worst sides of stress.

Don’t lose your dreams.

Think about how as children we have the biggest amount of expectations for future. We have brave plans and wishes. However, things have changed when we grow up. Many people forget their children’s enthusiasm. They stop pursuing their dreams and begin working something that doesn’t satisfy their dreams. Give yourself a push forward each day and challenge your hopes and dreams.

Free your mind

Find someone who should simply listen without try judging you and / or start writing a diary. Note which moments put negative emotions on you? How could you change your attitude? Make a list of solutions and pick these which seem to correspond best with the situation. However, get ready for reserve solution when the first one doesn’t work properly.

Sleep enough.

Sleeping helps to recover from stress. We can get energy by getting a good amount of quality sleep. By sleeping, we can be relaxed, recover and be in good physical condition when we are both physical and psychological exhausted.

Exercise regularly.

Exercises help a lot because of valuable hormones which your body creates during regularly and balanced training activities. Jogging, swimming or just walking around parks, mountains or coasts might renew your mindset, lets lymphatic fluid to leave your body and make you thinking more positively.

Train your breath.

Heavy breathing can diminish negative energy. Controlling your breathing helps you control your heart rate. Take a deep breath, let it out and do a couple more. Repeat this exercise when you are under stress or/and have negative thoughts. For better effect, you can do breathing exercises outdoor using fresh air in the woods or on the beach.

Try meditation

Meditation relaxes your senses. Meditation can wipe away the day’s stress and give us a sense of calm, peace and balance both in our emotional well-being and our overall health. It helps when you try to sing something fun or listen some good music will cheer you up. You may try to sing something yourself. You can also play an instrument or something you can.

Start praying.

It’s the way to feel more peaceful and believable. Many facts indicate that people who believe in something live fuller and happier lives. Try to be more generous and tolerant. Be open and understandable. It helps a lot when you find the way to be beneficial to others.

Have fun!

Make some good conversations with other people. Enjoy and find people making you more relaxing you and getting negative emotions out of your mind. Be active and don’t wait other to make the first step. Find successful and positive role models and prefer to be around optimists. Learn also from negativity. Generally, not all negativity is bad. Sometimes, a little negativity could be for good. We need to be a little skeptical sometimes and not to be naïve for everything.

Prepare yourself that it takes approximately 21 days to break a habit and create a new one. It’s only around three weeks when you can create /maintain/ something new and positive that could change your attitude and make your world better.